Our Wraps

Our aim is to reduce the volume of plastic in the word by using natural materials that don’t harm the environment to wrap food in order to preserve them longer without the aid of plastics to do so. The wraps also have multiple uses in the packaging of many things, flowers, bread, cheese, vegetables, and ferments.

After meeting in New Zealand 5 years ago we met lots of lovely people who have become like family and inspired us. Our travel experience has shown us many alternative ways of making a smaller impact on the environment.

We love traveling and the thrill of experiencing new things is what puts a smile on our faces. We do try to minimize our impact on the earth wherever we may be, by buying local and plastic free for example. The inspiration for Waxhivewraps was due to our good friends Tim and Suz. They suggested we make beeswax wraps for a living. So we spent the past winter in
beautiful Northern Ireland developing our recipe for producing WaxHiveWraps.


We are now happy to bring our product to you and the world. Our passion is to run a business that can support us while making as little as possible impact on the earth.