About Your WaxHiveWrap.

The following questions and answers will hopefully give you all the information you need for using, caring and implementing your WaxHiveWrap. 

What is a WaxHiveWrap:

A WaxHiveWrap is a beeswax wrap that is an alternative to cling film and tin foil.  To use the wrap, using the heat from your hand mould it around the desired item and store accordingly. The heat from your hands will allow the wrap to become warm and stick to itself or the item, ie a bowl.

The wrap is great for bowls, trays, cheese, fruit, vegetables, ferments, bread and anything you can dream up. Here at WaxHiveWraps we don’t recommend using the wrap for Raw meats or Fish.

What and How is the wrap made from:

The WaxHiveWrap is made by Paddy and Nadja, we handcraft the wrap using:            



Pine tree resin and Organic Coconut Oil.

We make a solution with the Beeswax, Resin and Coconut oil and coat the cotton with it until the wrap has become saturated. We then hang the wrap to dry, fold and pack into our recyclable packaging ready to send to you.  We use a company called eco-kraft that is an Environmentally Friendly Online Store | Supplying Recycled Paper Since 1991. https://www.eco-craft.co.uk

Can you use the wrap for hot Items:

The wrap is made from beeswax which melts around 65 degrees C. You cannot use the wrap for hot foodstuffs, microwaving or oven use.

When covering cooked food to go into the fridge: sit it out, wait until it has cooled to room temperature before wrapping the bowl or tray. Allowing the food to cool first also benefits the fridge as hot foods disturbs the overall temperature of the fridge. This allows the efficiency of the fridge to be maintained, saving on electricity.

Another good Environmental tip from WaxHiveWraps.

Is the WaxHiveWrap Reusable and how long for:

Yes, the wrap is reusable. The wrap is very durable and can be reused over and over again, you don’t need to use it on the same item either. Simply wash the wrap with eco detergent and cold water, (As hot water will melt the wax) hang to dry (away from the sun) and it is ready to use again.

The Wrap can last up to a year if looked after. Once a month we recommend putting it on some baking paper and on a tray in the oven for 3 minutes at 100 Degrees C. Then take out and allow to dry. This will reset the solution in the wrap and re-pasteurise the wrap.

Where to store the Wrap:

Simply fold the wrap, and store in a dark cool area such as a drawer or cupboard.

WaxHiveWraps sizes and uses:

Smalls are 20cm x 20cm

These are great for, Jars, Nuts, Ferments, halved Vegetables and cheese.

Mediums are 33cm x 33cm

Great for keeping salads fresh, wrapping small sandwichs and larger vegetables and fruits.

Larges are 43cm x 43cm

Good for larger dishes, vegetables and Breads.

Postage and Packaging:

We will post your WaxHiveWraps as soon as possible. Usually, you should receive the wraps within 5 days, However, if the wrap is not with you within 14 workings days, please get in touch with us at buzzin@waxhivewraps.com