About us

We are on a journey to become more sustainable. WaxHiveWraps is what started it all for us, so it could create this domino effect for others as well.

Our friends Tim and Suz in New Zealand introduced us to beeswax wraps and suggested we should get some ourselves. We are quite the DIY folk naturally, so we tried to make our own. The first one was made of beeswax and an old cotton shirt. It didn’t live up to our expectations which kick-started the research and experiments for that perfect cling film tackiness without the plastic.


Our story starts in New Zealand, we met, not only each other but many of our great friends too. We continued travelling and lived in remarkable places with really interesting and influential friends.

 At one point we were living back in Northern Ireland where Paddy is from. Paddy was working as a builder, Nadja worked at an organic vegetable called HelensBayOrganics, Check them out their awesome folk and grow the best veg in NI. Our own veg garden was created at the bottom of the garden where we lived in a beautiful Bell Tent. The WaxHiveWraps Company was slowly developed on the weekends and any spare time available. The itchy feet got too much for us to handle and we ended up on another excursion to France before ending up in Denmark, where we now live. 


We live in Thy, North Jutland Denmark, Where Nadja’s parents have a farm which is out in the countryside but not far from the surf! (Paddy is happy enough with the west coast barrels - they really are here).

We all help each other with maintaining the house and the land which always needs a lot of attention. Outside there is a small woodland for firewood, berry bushes, fruit trees and the organic garden that keeps us well occupied with chopping, preserving, weeding and obviously eating & cooking.

We are learning so much, not just about how to cut down on waste but also how long it takes to do all these things that we have been taking for granted all these years. It is easy to understand how we have ended up with everything wrapped in plastic and big convenience stores.


Well anyway, before we rant on too much.


We’re here in Thy Denmark working away in our handbuilt Workshop creating our fun and colourful WaxHiveWraps. Our passion to create a good thing for the Earth and connect with people to solve bigger world problems. This excitement here at the WaxHiveWraps Farm has shown us a way where we can live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. So come join us in our effort to reduce the use of Single-use.