The Wraps

Waxhivewraps are an alternative to plastic wrap and single-use household items. 

They are primarily used for Green food, and dried goods in the kitchen and out and about.

Waxhivewraps love to be used for all Fruit and Vegetables, Cheese, Sandwiches, Bread, lunch packs and to cover Bowls, Jars and Trays.

The wraps are composed of 5 natural materials Beeswax, Pinetree resin, Coconut Oil and OkeoTex100 Cotton.


Beeswax is the key ingredient. We source our Beeswax from Local producers within a 50 Km Radius of our Farm. The Beeswax doesn’t only smell amazing it created the bulk of the solution that we apply to the Cotton. Beeswax has natural antibacterial properties that help the preservation of foodstuffs. We have been using it for 100’s of yeard for enclosing beautiful cheese with.


We currently use 100% Oekotex Cotton which uses sustainable and not toxic inks to create their patterns and colours. We are working on some of our own prints and a more Organic mix see keep your eyes peeled for these coming through :)

PineTree Resin

Tree Resin is that sticky juice inside the tree, you have probably seen it if a branch has been knocked off a tree and the sap is running out of it. It is what gives the wrap its stickiness. We use the Pine Resin that is the best for creating flexibility and a little tackiness for our Waxhivewraps.

Organic Coconut Oil

The Coconut oil in the wrap gives the wrap a lather feel and helps prevent cracking of the resin and Beewax. It is also better to use at it has a really long self-life compared to other oils like olive oil or linseed

Nadja and Paddy

We hand-make your WaxHiveWrap in a lovely hand-built workshop in a place of beauty call THY, Denmark. It’s beside the sea and we have a small Farm so we love making the beautiful wraps in a place we call home.