The Aaron, Mikey and Cass Trifecta 3 Pack


The Aaron, Mikey and Cass 3 set Trifecta is a great all-rounder. They cover everything from a small
block of cheese to your fresh loaf of sourdough bread. The sizes are:

1 Small: 20x 20 cm

1 Medium: 30 x 30cm

1 Large: 36 x 36cm

All wraps are handmade by us in our handbuilt workshop in Denmark right beside the sea,
so sometimes there are slight size variations depending on how quickly they
were cut due to the Surf being good. 🙂


Wax Hive Wraps are a reusable alternative to cling film, tin foil and other single use items we use in our
kitchens. A change that adds a bit of fun and colour to the kitchen
The wraps are made from cotton, beeswax, pine resin and coconut oil. This combination of materials will
keep your food fresh. To use cover your desired item (fruit, vegetables, cheese, loaves of bread, lunch,
bowls..) use the heat from your hands to mould and fold the wrap. All you have to do is clean with cold
water and some eco detergent and hang it to dry. Then there you go ready to use again in or out of the
The beeswax has a melting point at about 60 degrees C which means that if you keep them in direct
sunlight or use them in ovens and microwaves they will melt.
We do not recommend wrapping pineapples, hot food or raw fish and meat.
For more information about the wraps and how to take care of them look up the FAQs

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 1 cm

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