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3 In The Mix

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170 Dkk

A great all-rounder.

This pack covers a massive variety of things in the kitchen from a small block of cheese to those awkward quiche dishes. The variety pack allows you to experiment to see what sizes would be most suitable in your Kitchen.  These don't only look great but really do keep your veggies, fruits, and cheeses fresh for longer. 

The sizes are:

1 Small:          20x 20 cm

1 Medium:      30 x 30cm

1 Large:          36x 36cm

Our WaxHiveWraps are made here in Thy, Denmark, close to the forest and the sea. They are a reusable, natural and biodegradable alternative to single use food storage. We hand make the wraps in our workshop, where we add our special beeswax mixture to cotton. They are easy to use and clean. A great swap for a greener lifestyle plus they add a bit of colour to your day.

All you have to do is use the heat of your hands to seal it around your desired food or bowl. Use the wraps around a loaf of bread, cheese, cured meats, vegetables, fruit, sandwiches just to mention a few. Bring your WaxHiveWraps on the go or leave them at home in or out the fridge. To reuse them hand wash with cold water, eco detergent and brush or cloth, hang to dry and they are ready again. When they reach the end of their lives throw them on your compost heap or use them as firestarters. 

Don’t use them for raw meat, fish, poultry or pineapple. Besides that only your imagination is the limit, try to make a pouch, wrap flowers in them when you deliver them to your granny, or even wrap presents in them.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do 

Paddy and Nadja @waxhivewraps.

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