Keeping it Fresh
Keeping it Fresh

Keeping it Fresh

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 The WaxHiveWrap Re Fresher Block is a great thing to have for maintaining those old wraps or if you have washed one with really hot water.  The Donut block comes with Instructions sheet with all the info you need to fix these problems.

Not only saving the wrap but it allows you to give a little more wax to any dried out or really cracked wraps.

After 6 months or so your wraps may feel a bit thin. In this situation, you can also use the refresher block to top up the amount of wax on your wrap.  The amount of use your wraps get will determine when it is time to refresh them. 

What you need :

Baking paper

Household iron or Oven @ 100 c ( not a gas oven so use iron method)

Cheese grater 


1 Donut block

Instruction sheet 

Check Out How to section Here:

All wraps are handmade by us in our handbuilt workshop in Denmark right beside the sea, so sometimes there are slight size variations depending on how quickly they were cut due to the Surf being good. :), But the Quality remains very High, Try them you will see :)

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do 

Paddy and Nadja @waxhivewraps.

We love hearing from you, so any feedback or questions send us a message.